Existing Site Facilities Profile

Existing Site Facilities Profile

Capacity Analysis

 capacity analysis ACC



Facilities Assessment

Code Compliance and Safety

Based on site topography, the site is extremely challenging in terms of accessibility to the streets. It is probably not practical without a variance being granted. Accessibility challenges exist within the campus but are generally obtainable. However, a significant amount of expense would be incurred to bring the site to current accessibility standards.

There is no fire truck or emergency vehicle access to the campus. Emergency traffic would have to access from Cerrito Street or Jackson Street. Cerrito is too steep for fire trucks but could be used for ambulance service.
Lateral forces are believed to be resisted by the existing diagonally sheathed diaphragms and shear walls. Though some of the elements may not meet all current building codes, single-story wood frame buildings such as these are generally found to have a low risk of earthquake damage.

Additionally, the main buildings and portables do not have a fire alarm system.



The overall condition of the HVAC system is poor. The system is antiquated and has been shut down due to leaks in the slab. The heating system has zone controllers to modulate heat in the classrooms. The system is obsolete.

The lavatories do not meet ADA requirements. The kitchen sink waste drains connect directly to the sewer line and do not meet California Plumbing Code.

The piping system is 30 years old. The existing main breaker is very old with disconnect switches that are in poor condition; it needs to be replaced. The existing power receptacles need upgrading. A paging system and intrusion alarm system should be installed throughout campus for security needs. The interior lighting should be replaced



The play structure and sand play areas are not accessible. The rubber safety surfacing areas have edge conditions that are hazardous.

Perimeter planting is left to weeds. The trees are in decline and some fire hazards are present in planting areas. Irrigation is antiquated and not to code.

 The asphalt yard should be resurfaced. There is no on-site fire service. The nearest fire hydrant is on the northwest corner of Jackson/Castro Streets. The site does not have sufficient fire protection. No site lighting is apparent. There is a small drop-off area at Jackson Street; no ADA drop-off is provided. Pursuing an ADA drop-off is not practical due to tight site conditions at the street grade, sidewalk, and site.


Main Building

The buildings appear to be in good overall structural condition without significant deterioration observed. The buildings use a hydronic floor radiant heating system and operable windows for ventilation. The system is old and not functional. Since there is no storage on site, all teaching materials are stored in the classrooms. This leads to a cluttered space for instruction



The portables use split A/C units. The capacity is insufficient for the occupancy type. The transitional kindergarten buildings appear to be in good structural condition with no significant deterioration observed.

The portables used for occupational therapy at the other end of the site have a strange odor, which is typically a sign of mold. The systems are antiquated. The current size and shape do not meet the functional needs of the activities inside.

Edited: Sara, 5/15/2014
Published: Sara, 5/15/2014