Existing Site Facilities Profile

Existing Site Facilities Profile

Capacity Analysis

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Facilities Assessment

Code Compliance and Safety

Heavy traffic on adjacent streets and around campus presents concerns for kindergarteners along Talbot Street. The sidewalks adjacent to the campus, drop-off, and gates are not ADA compliant. There is not a lot of pavement drainage. Replace the existing electrical main service and distribution system; replace the existing fire alarm system with new automatic addressable fire alarm system per current code.



The existing irrigation system includes a spray system on the lawn area and is likely not Title 23 compliant. The main classroom building is equipped with a fire sprinkler service but it appears that there is no backflow preventer. The only fire hydrant is located on Solano and Talbot. The portables located on the south portion of campus lack coverage from the fire hydrant.



The campus site is basically in compliance with ADA except for drop-off areas at Talbot and Cornell Avenues. There is adequate fire vehicle access. The site lighting is minimal to non-existent. The paving is, in general, in acceptable condition. However, some cracking and tripping hazards are present. There are no water fountains on the site. The buildings appear to be in good overall structural condition with no significant deterioration observed.

Although this site has the largest play yard of the elementary schools, it is still undersized and portable placement over the years has restricted it further. It also lacks softscape.


Main Building

The main building consists of two-story, seismically separated south, north, and administration wings. The north and south wings were seismically retrofitted in 1997 and 2001, consisting of reinforcing connections between concrete walls, wood floor, and roof. Given the type of construction and retrofit, these buildings would be considered to have minimal seismic risk.

A few sinks are not ADA compliant. The Kitchen sinks do not meet California Plumbing Code. The 40-gallon domestic hot water heater has exceeded its 10 year useful service life.

The interior lighting is adequate. Replace interior lighting in areas where not adequate with energy efficient lighting.



The HVAC system is functional. The lighting is adequate. The portables and main building are on separate PG&E service meters.

Edited: Sara, 5/15/2014
Published: Sara, 5/15/2014