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Our mission is to create a community of self-sufficient lifelong learners who are cooperative, respectful, and responsible. We create safe, inclusive, and engaging classrooms as places of exploration and creativity. We have routines and procedures that foster students taking responsibility for learning and achieving their personal best. Students reflect on themselves as learners in the roles of readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, sociologists, athletes, and artists. Our students see their own individual strengths and set goals for their learning. They develop the skills to empathize with others through active listening and group work. This helps them see themselves as unique and part of a larger diverse society. As we tend to their learning, we emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, and students’ ability to express themselves clearly. All of our students are moving towards mastering the essential skills and grade level standards so that they can thrive as learners in school and throughout their lives.



Cornell Elementary's main building was built in 1948 and was joined later by an additional building in 1974. There are 24 classrooms on campus, 5 of them being portables. Cornell provides a multi-purpose room, a library, two play areas, and sufficient classroom, playground, and staff space to support teaching and learning. Roughly 600 students attend Cornell Elementary every year.



920 Talbot Avenue, Albany, CA 94706


The following meetings took place in regards to the future of Cornell's facilities. Clicking on the name of the meeting will open the meeting notes in a new window.

Cornell PTA Meeting May 19th, 2013

Cornell Teachers & Staff Meeting May 15th, 2013

2nd Cornell PTA Meeting - Prioritization - October 2013 (click here)

2nd Cornell Staff Meeting - Prioritization - October 2013 (click here)

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