Existing Site Facilities Profile

Existing Site Facilities Profile

Capacity Analysis

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Facility Analysis

Code Compliance and Safety

Albany Middle School is located on Brighton Avenue which connects the campus to the regional collector San Pablo Avenue, as well as local collector Key Route Boulevard and Masonic Avenue and to Ohlone Greenway, a regional bicycle and walking route. The campus has been renovated recently and generally complies with accessible guidelines. There is no on-site fire service and insufficient coverage from public hydrants. The kitchen building does not have a fire sprinkler system. The existing fire alarm system does not meet new codes commencing in January 2014.



The HVAC roof top units have reached the end of their useful service life. This is true for all the buildings. The classrooms have no A/C; therefore, there is inadequate occupancy ventilation and comfort. The low voltage system is problematic. At the art classroom, the kiln needs a canopy hood that should be vented directly to the outside.



Generally, the campus is relatively flat and therefore accessible. The accessible parking at the parking lot is not in compliance. Gates are not accessible. On-site paving is in good condition, with a few localized defects noted. The site has sufficient drainage.



Albany Middle School was built in 1997 and consists of one- and two-story steel frame buildings. Floor decks consist of concrete fill on metal deck supported by steel beams and columns, roof framing consists of metal deck with steel framing. The buildings appear to be in good overall structural condition with no significant deterioration.

However, the buildings do not provide enough space for staff and instruction. Teachers do not have their own classrooms so they have to move from room to room. Students have classes not only on the middle school site, but also at the high school and the San Gabriel site, which makes staff collaboration difficult or impossible. Additionally, this site lacks a performance space and a multi-purpose room.


Lunch Shelter

The lunch shelter has CMU framing and shear walls. It appears to be in good overall structural condition with no significant deterioration. The lunch shelter is open which creates an uncomfortable environment for students in the colder months. A noteable number of complaints from students and staff have been shared through the Master Plan process.

Edited: Sara, 5/15/2014
Published: Sara, 5/15/2014