Existing Site Facilities Profile

Existing Site Facilities Profile

Capacity Analysis

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Facility Analysis

Code Compliance and Safety

MacGregor High School is directly adjacent to Albany Middle School and two blocks northwest of Albany High School. The site is generally accessible. There is no accessible path from the public right-of-way to the main entrance of the school. There is no on-site fire service and insufficient coverage by public fire hydrants.

The classrooms do not meet Title 24 National Ventilation criteria of 20 feet. Additionally, the furnace unit fresh air intake ducts are undersized and therefore provide inadequate fresh air per California Title 24. There are no fire alarm devices in any buildings on the campus, including portables. There is no fire sprinkler system.


The main buildings have an abandoned radiant floor heating system with piping embedded into the concrete slab and the boiler has been removed. This system was replaced with a high efficiency upflow furnace unit with undersized fresh air intake. Packaged A/C units at roofs of portables have exceeded their useful service life.

The kitchen has no mechanical exhaust system or hoods. The entire campus has no A/C to handle the warmer seasons, high occupancy heat loads, and occupancy comfort control, except for the portable buildings. The piping systems are approximately 30 years old and should be evaluated. The main building gas meter does not have an earthquake shutoff valve. The main electrical service is overhead. Not sure if existing capacity is adequate. There are not enough power receptacles in the classrooms. The light fixtures throughout the buildings are damaged, missing lenses, and in various states of disrepair. There is no exterior lighting. There is no clock/paging system on campus.



Paving is generally acceptable. The main entrance has a metal ramp that exceeds maximum slope for ADA access. Site drainage on the campus is not connected to the public storm sewer.



There are six wood frame buildings and several portables that make up the campus. The roofs appear to be framed with conventional joist and beam construction and the walls likely are framed with conventional 2x studs. The buildings appear to be in good structural condition with minor cracking observed at retaining walls and exterior stucco.

Edited: Sara, 5/15/2014
Published: Sara, 5/15/2014