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MacGregor High School

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To promote student success through direct intervention in a smaller school environment.

To deliver education, social, and career development services to students based on State, District, and school site goals.

To create a positive climate with an emphasis on enhancing academic achievement, self-esteem, physical well-being, interpersonal skills, and personal goal setting



MacGregor, founded in 1982, is a small, dynamic alternative school serving a multi-cultured population from 10th-12th grades who are 16 and older.

Originally an elementary school, MacGregor's campus was built in 1948. It is housed directly across from Albany Middle School and two blocks away from Albany High School. There are two general education classrooms, one computer lab and one culinary arts kitchen/classroom. Offices for our academic and mental health counselors are on site, as well as two portable classrooms that are used by the local YMCA as well as AMS Special Education.



601 San Gabriel, Albany, CA 94706



Meeting Minutes:

Mater plan prioritization meeting with the MacGregor High School Staff

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Published: Sara, 5/14/2014