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Facility Analysis

Code Compliance and Safety

Albany High School consists of a classroom building, gymnasium, modular classrooms, theater building, and multi-purpose building. The buildings are basically ADA compliant throughout, except for the Theater Building. Fire trucks cannot access the interior of the campus; however, there is public street access. The HVAC units at rooftops of all the buildings are old and near the end of their useful service life.

The modular buildings do not have fire sprinkler systems. The majority of the Art and Kitchen Buildings do not have a sprinkler system service (miscellaneous storage rooms are sprinklered). The existing electrical system appears to be adequate. The existing fire alarm system should be updated per correct codes effective January 2014.


The overall condition of the HVAC system in the classroom building is fair. In the Fine Arts Building, a canopy hood with ventilation duct to the outdoors should be provided at the kiln. Classrooms have no A/C; therefore, occupancy comfort does not meet applicable code. The hot water heating system boiler piping is severely corroded. Both classroom and theater buildings’ air distribution system is inadequate. The piping systems are approximately 13 years old (theater and kitchen 47 years old) and should be evaluated. The existing electrical system is adequate. The existing fire alarm system should be replaced per applicable codes.


Key Route Boulevard and Portland are the primary access points to the campus. The campus shares a block with Memorial Park which is used by the campus for lunch area open space and some athletic facilities. The campus is generally accessible, although there are some handrail deficiencies. The site has adequate drainage. There are no storm water quality treatment measures in place.


Classrooms, Gymnasium, Multi-purpose, Kitchen
Classroom building and gymnasium were re-built in 1999, with the addition of four new steel frame buildings with concrete fill on metal pan floor decks supported by steel beams and columns; roof framing consists of metal deck over steel framing. The buildings appear to be in good overall structural condition.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Building is reinforced concrete, classified as Category 1 (expected to perform reasonably well in an earthquake) by the DSA AB300 list. The building appears to be in good overall structural condition. The Fine Arts Building is dated and not ADA compliant.

Edited: Sara, 5/15/2014
Published: Sara, 5/15/2014