We would like to acknowledge the efforts, vision and foresight of the Board, Superintendent Marla Stephenson and her staff, the Master Plan Steering Committee, the School Site Committees, and the community, especially:

Jonathan Knight, Vice President
Allen Maris, Vice President
Paul Black, President
Dr. Patricia Low, Board Member
Ronald Rosenbaum, Board Member
Lauren Li, Board Member
Chelsey Chen, Board Member
Marla Stephenson, Superintendent
Donald Albright, Facilities Supervisor
Brian Hyland, Technology Director
Amy Tick, Community Member
Ann Chaney, Community Development Director
Ted Barone, Principal
Theresa Bittner, PTA President
Debra Brill, Principal
Terry Georgeson, Principal
David A. Kumamoto, Principal
Alexia Ritchie, Principal
Petra Daal, PTA Vice President
Holly White, PTA President
Marsha Brown, Director of Student Services
Peter I. Parenti, Director
Wendy Holmes, Principal
Francis Chapman, Parent
Michelle Sinclair, Parent
Ari Halberstadt, Resident of Albany
Charlie Blanchard, City of Albany
Frank Knowles, Parent

Sue Oda, Parent
Aleida Andrino-Chavez, Transportation Planner
Monica Barry, Principal
Rebecca Sarikakis, Teacher
Maya Kim, Teacher
Chris Hanson, Teacher
Kari Kwang, Teacher
Dina Yoo, Teacher
Sally Davis, Teacher
Cheryl Willis, Teacher
Leslie Barta, Teacher
Virginia Plott, Teacher
Joanne Scarpa, SDC Special Day Class
Jamie Shepherd, Teacher
Care Standley, Teacher
Susan Stevenson, Children’s Center Director
Shaheen Neysai, Teacher
Diane Peterson, Counselor
Eve Samonsky, Teacher
Tom Luneburg, Teacher
Staff, Marin Elementary School
Marin Elementary School PTA
Staff and Faculty, Cornell Elementary School
Cornell Elementary School PTA
Teachers and Staff, Albany Middle School
Parents, Albany High School
Parents, Albany Children’s Center
Parents and Staff, Ocean View Elementary School


Consultant Acknowledgments

The success of this master plan was made possible by the expertise and committment of our conultant team.

BKF Civil Engineers
Carducci Landscape Architects and Associates
KPW Structural Engineers
WHM Electrical Engineers
YEI Mechanical and Plambing Engineers


Edited: Sara, 5/15/2014
Published: Sara, 5/15/2014