Configuration/ Grade Span Committee


Facilities Master Plan - “Configuration Committee"

In addition to the Facilities Master Planning Steering Committee, a Configuration Committee has also been established with members representing each AUSD school site and will meet on a regular basis. Click here to view the Grade Configuration Committee Roster.

As a member of the Steering Committee, President Black provided the following report at a recent Board meeting: "The configuration committee will meet first to decide whether (money permitting) we should keep the current configuration of schools or change it. Any reconfiguration will affect what kind of facilities we need, so their work has to be done before the visioning committees start. Once the reconfiguration committee is done, a visioning committee for each site will meet to determine what facilities will be needed at that site to support future needs. The steering committee will be meeting once a month for the next several months."

Meeting Information:

April 24th:

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May 8th:

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May 22nd:

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June 5th:

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Configuration Committee Research Material

Grade Configuration Report November 2001

Grade Span Configurations January 2006

School Assignment Choice Data

Grade Span Criteria

UC Village Residents Data

Reconfiguration Research Study

Grade Span - Transition Effects

Grade Span - Transition Achievement

Middleborough Public Schools Correspondence

Middleborough Public Schools District Review

Middleborough Public Schools District Task Force Report

Portsmouth Elementary School Facilities Committee Phase Report

The Hamilton Project


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